The Top 3 Home Painting and Design Blogs You Need to Follow

Finding an inspiration for your home painting needs can be a little bit overwhelming. The right design and color must be in place, so you can properly envision the kind of ambiance that you wish to project. Luckily, the internet has a wide variety of resources to help us out. Here are the top 3 Home Painting Blogs that you need to follow right now. These blogs give plenty of ideas to help you start your home painting work.


Newlife Painting Blog
This blog is managed by the Newlife Painting Company. It has a dedicated blog for its painting tips and other design recommendations. This blog has a lot of images that provide a lot of ideas and inspiration for your home painting needs. It also explains the painting process. Painting your home interior is not an easy task, so this blog also offers basic painting tips to help you get started. If you seek professional services, this blog also offers a contact form, should you need to inquire about their team of professionals. Whether you need painting ideas for your kitchen, living room, or dining area, this blog has got you covered.

Amber Interiors
Amber Interiors have a more expansive range in interior design, but it offers inspiration for choosing various colors and coordinates for your home paint and furniture. Aside from paint colors, Amber Interiors also offers styling tips and ideas on furniture, décor, fabrics, and accessories, so you will also have an idea in how to style your freshly-painted home after. The people behind this blog are professional architects, so you can trust their choices and sense of style.

The Enchanted Home
The Enchanted Home is a personal blog also covering style and design, with plenty of color choices and coordinates to get your creative juices flowing. Every post tackles color-coordinated interiors, so you can browse galleries of ideas to narrow down your favorite color combinations. The images are bright, and the colors are well-represented. Each blog post offers a detailed description on the color combinations and how to get copy the home design. Overall, this blog has a very comfortable and relaxing feel, which adds to its appeal for all home design enthusiasts.

Painting your home requires patience and the right inspiration to make sure it is done right. It is important to carefully consider your color choices and overall home design to make sure that your home renovation will turn out right. This article gives you the top 3 blogs that offer basic tips and inspiration for your home renovation needs. With these blogs, you can explore your creativity, unleash your passion, and choose the right colors to make your home more memorable and beautiful. Be sure to visit this blog for more tips on home renovation, painting, home design and décor options that you can use for your home.

5 Ideas in Choosing your Home Paint Color

Need to overhaul your home interior painting? Do you need to choose paint colors but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article will talk about simple tips in choosing the right home paint color for you. To make it simpler, you can start by taking a note of the colors you love, and then take it from there. This article will help you refine your choice, and ensure that your home will be beautifully painted, without looking awkward or tacky. Let’s begin!



When choosing the right paint color, you need to get inspired first. It would help to stick small color blocks or papers to the walls and see if it coordinates well with the colors of your furniture. Or better yet, look towards social media to get concrete ideas. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have vivid images that can give you a better idea on how you want your home paint to turn out.



Neutral colors, such as beige, off-white, or cream are basic but have a minimalist appeal. Moreover, it will not create a stark contrast with your furniture or decorations. If you wish to work with bold colors, it is best to stick with a smaller area, such as a bathroom.


Color Scheme

A color wheel is also another excellent way to start in choosing the right color for your home paint. The wheel is composed of the basic and secondary colors, so when you turn the wheel, you can clearly see the possible color combinations that you want.


Light and Dark Shades

Consider the effect of a light and dark shade combination for your home interior. Your darker-colored furniture may compliment a lighter-colored wall, and vice versa.



Paint brands have a variety of testers you can choose from. You can purchase 4 or 5 shades, and then try to paint a smaller area on different walls, to get a glimpse of how it will work with your interior.

These useful tips will help you simplify your color choices. You will be on your way to a beautifully painted home!

Top 5 Useful Tips for Painting your Home’s Exterior

Home renovation is certainly not an easy task, and requires time, effort, and a considerable budget. Most of time, it also requires the work of a professional. However, this can be quite expensive. Not all of us can afford a full-time professional to tasks such as home painting. If you find yourself struggling to keep your finances intact while doing home renovation, consider these top 5 tips in painting your home exterior.



When doing your painting, consider the time and weather as your main priority. The best time to do it is when it is cool and sunny, with low humidity. This will ensure that the paint will have plenty of time to dry and to properly adhere to the surface.


High Quality Paint

When choosing your painting materials, make sure that you are getting the best quality of paint. It can be expensive, but a high-quality paint will last longer and will produce more uniform results. Cheaper paint can chip and crack easily. Further, there may be more unwanted chemicals included in cheaper paint, so better spend on high quality paint than be sorry in the long run.


Clean Walls

Paint will not stick to dirty or rough surfaces. Be sure to clean the exterior thoroughly. For wooden exteriors, make sure that the rotting parts are removed. For previously painted areas, be sure to perform sand and wash to scrape off the peeling paint. This will ensure that the surface is smooth and ready for painting.



When painting for the first time, it is recommended to apply primer first, followed by sand, then the color coat of your choice. This will ensure a smoother look. However, if you wish to save time, you can look for newer paints with a primer included in their formula.  Advanced technologies in newer paints have made this possible. This can be more expensive than regular paints, but it can save time and effort.


Start from the Top

When you are ready to paint, make sure to start from the top, then work your way to the bottom. This technique will help avoid streaks. You will also be naturally working with gravity. Paint can drip, but this technique will help you clean out the mess better.

And there you have it. These useful tips are basic and simple enough to follow. If you follow these simple steps, you can be sure that painting your home will be a hassle-free experience.

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