Need to overhaul your home interior painting? Do you need to choose paint colors but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article will talk about simple tips in choosing the right home paint color for you. To make it simpler, you can start by taking a note of the colors you love, and then take it from there. This article will help you refine your choice, and ensure that your home will be beautifully painted, without looking awkward or tacky. Let’s begin!



When choosing the right paint color, you need to get inspired first. It would help to stick small color blocks or papers to the walls and see if it coordinates well with the colors of your furniture. Or better yet, look towards social media to get concrete ideas. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have vivid images that can give you a better idea on how you want your home paint to turn out.



Neutral colors, such as beige, off-white, or cream are basic but have a minimalist appeal. Moreover, it will not create a stark contrast with your furniture or decorations. If you wish to work with bold colors, it is best to stick with a smaller area, such as a bathroom.


Color Scheme

A color wheel is also another excellent way to start in choosing the right color for your home paint. The wheel is composed of the basic and secondary colors, so when you turn the wheel, you can clearly see the possible color combinations that you want.


Light and Dark Shades

Consider the effect of a light and dark shade combination for your home interior. Your darker-colored furniture may compliment a lighter-colored wall, and vice versa.



Paint brands have a variety of testers you can choose from. You can purchase 4 or 5 shades, and then try to paint a smaller area on different walls, to get a glimpse of how it will work with your interior.

These useful tips will help you simplify your color choices. You will be on your way to a beautifully painted home!

5 Ideas in Choosing your Home Paint Color